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Choose the right Battery for you

Amaron Pro Batteries

Amaron Pro 55B24LS

Amaron Pro DIN100

Amaron Flo Batteries

Amaron Flo 42B 20L

Amaron Flo OBH45D20L

Amaron Flo DIN54 

Amaron Flo DIN55

Amaron Flo DIN66

Amaron Flo DIN50

Amaron Flo DIN65

Amaron Go

Amaron Go 38B20L

Amaron Go 95D26L

Amaron Go 105D31R

Inverter and Inverter Batteries

Amaron Current 150AH

Amaron Current 165AH

Amaron 675VA Inverter

Amaron 825VA Inverter

Amaron 880VA Inverter

Amaron 1400VA Inverter

Choose the right Battery for you